20 Photos of Spring in Belgium

The weather has been incredibly nice for weeks and I’ve been having lots of outdoor fun with my camera.

This blog used to be a place where I would post travel updates every once in a while. Nothing more, nothing less. That has clearly changed over time; it now focuses mainly on (travel) photography and destination tips. I can tell you now that that probably won’t change anytime soon. Sharing my photos and writing articles about destinations is what I thoroughly enjoy nowadays. While I still post short travel updates – what I’ve done and what I’m up to – on my social media, this website has become the place for more specific, detailed information and photo essays.

Spring is in full swing here in Flanders and these twenty colorful photos reflect the awakening of nature beautifully.

Spring in Belgium: blue flowers

Yellow spring flowers, Belgium

Blossoming fruit trees in Haspengouw, Belgium

Spring in Belgium

Daffodils, spring in Belgium

White spring flowers

Yellow spring flowers, Belgium

Canal in Geel, Belgium

Flowers, spring in Belgium

Spring in Belgium

Crocuses in Belgium

Red spring flowers

Unpaved road in Belgium

Flowers of spring, Belgium

Ferns, spring in Belgium

Purple flowers in a garden in Belgium

Blossoming orchards in Haspengouw, Belgium

Little spring flower

Purple and white flowers

Half a year ago I did a photo essay on fall in Belgium as well, with twenty photos showing Belgium in the fall season.

You can find more of my photos in my travel photography portfolio.

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