25 Beautiful Travel Panoramas

Travel panoramas is a term that I haven’t used too many times before…


My last panorama post dates from February last year. It’s way past high time that I shared some more of those long photos, don’t you think?

Right, so here we go. If I had to guess – and I guess that I have to guess now – I’d say that I’ve taken about 200 panoramas in the past 12 months. I usually stick to regular-sized photos, but sometimes a scene just begs to be panoramized.

Is that even a word?

It is now, I guess.

The following 25 travel panoramas were shot in a very limited number of countries. There are a couple from the Netherlands, a few from Belgium and several from the northeastern states of the USA; the three countries that I’ve visited (thoroughly) in the past year.

Don’t forget to click to enlarge!

25 Travel Panoramas

Which one is your favorite?

You can find many more travel photos in my travel photography portfolio. Do take a look!

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