30 Pictures of Toledo

When spending a week in Madrid, a visit to nearby Toledo is a must do. It only takes about half an hour with the high speed train from Madrid. Costing a little over 20 euro per person for a round trip, it’s not that expensive either.

The small town lies on a hill and overlooks the Spanish countryside. I’m kind of glad I went there in mid-November and not in the middle of summer. It still was pretty warm over there then, I can’t imagine the scorching temperatures during a Spanish summer.

Of course I dragged my camera along and took a bunch of photos. Here are my 30 favorite pictures of Toledo.

Toledo, Madrid

Toledo, Spain

Jesuit Church of Toledo

View of beautiful Toledo in Spain

Taking a walk in Toledo, Spain

Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo

Street in Toledo, Spain

Fortified wall of Toledo, Spain

Sunset in Toledo, Spain

Taking a walk in Toledo, Spain

Toledo used to be the capital of Spain. It’s a wonderful medieval town with literally hundreds of small cobblestone streets. I highly recommend visiting and if you do, don’t take a map. Just start walking! There’s so much to discover. And you’ll always end up at the Plaza de Zocodover, the main square of the town…

Toledo, Spain

Town square in Toledo, Spain

Toledo seen from the towers of the Jesuit Church

Jesuit Church in Toledo

Street in Toledo, Spain

…And if you’re looking to buy a sword, Toledo is the place to be!…

Swords in Toledo, Spain

Sunset over Toledo, Spain

Jesuit Church and Toledo, Spain

Toledo town hall

Toledo street and cathedral, Spain

Toledo streets seen from the Jesuit Church

Plaza de Zocodover in Toledo, Spain

…Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well…

Houses of Toledo, Spain

Roof tiles in Toledo, Spain

Antiques in Toledo, Spain

View of Toledo and surrounding countryside

Toledo, Spain

Monastery of Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Nightfall in Toledo, Spain

…If you’re in the area, just go there!

4 thoughts on “30 Pictures of Toledo

  • I loved Toledo. I took a bus there from Madrid a few years ago (also a cheap option and takes about an hour) and enjoyed my day walking around. While there are lots of tourists there, early morning or evening can be a great time to stroll the city and enjoy the beautiful sites without all the crowds.

    • Even in November there were a lot of tourists. The train was full of them (including myself obviously!). And among them were so many Americans, the fact that it was Thanksgiving break definitely had something to do with that.

      I loved the town as well. It’s a perfect town to just wander around in.

  • Tiny Girl with Big Bag

    December 3, 2012 at 16:43 Reply

    Lovely pics. I heard it was a lovely town. Did you do the round trip in one day?

    • I highly recommed visiting. I didn’t know anything at all about the town before I went and it totally surprised me.

      I only spent one afternoon there, yeah. I feel like that’s enough to get around and see everything, it’s not that big of a town. If you want to visit churches and such, I would suggest a whole day or maybe even two days.

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