My Bicycle Touring Packing List

Here’s a freebie.

I’ve wanted to write this post for such a long time, but for some reason I haven’t gotten down to it. Until now.

When preparing for my cycle touring trip to the North Cape in 2013 – it is really that long ago already? – I was making a bunch of lists, as usual. If anything, that three-month trip taught me which gear is useful and which is not. I’ve spent some time updating my original packing list, which has ultimately resulted in a Word document containing all the items that I took with me and used. So, that also means that I’ve left out those things that I packed but in the end proved to be superfluous on the road.

Bicycle Touring Packing List: Gear

Feel free to use the following list when planning your own cycling adventure. I’d be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

My Bicycle Touring Packing List

To get my bicycle touring packing list, simply click on this link and save the document, which you can then edit, print and/or use as you wish.

Notice that it’s a pretty extensive list. You could probably do with less equipment and clothes on shorter trips, but I, for one, was glad that I had some extra gear with me. With the exception of my puncture repair kit – which, by the way, is one of the first things that you should pack – I used everything on this list at least once. (I still can’t believe that, in three months on the road, I didn’t get a single puncture.)

The real challenge is not gathering and testing all that stuff, though, but actually fitting it into your panniers. I had two front panniers, two rear panniers, a handlebar bag and a rear top bag – six bags that were stuffed to near bursting. All my bags were waterproof Ortlieb panniers and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re seriously the best of the best.

Bicycle Touring Packing List: Touring Bike

I’d also like to seize the opportunity to mention that I’ve finally arrived in the final stage of writing a book on this cycling adventure. The final draft is finished and it’s being proofread as we speak. I expect the book to be available by the beginning of April. (Don’t take my word for it though!) I’ll keep you guys updated.

UPDATE: You can now buy ‘Sunglasses and Reindeer’ on Amazon!

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