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American Craft Breweries: Brooklyn Brewery, New York City, NY

Let’s continue this brand new American craft breweries series with one of the most fun breweries in the United States that I’ve visited so far—the Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, New York City.

Producing craft beers since 1988, the Brooklyn Brewery is in the heart of the Brooklyn district of Williamsburg, known for its restaurants and (rooftop) bars. In fact, this very area used to be the epicenter of beer brewing in Brooklyn. The result of years of immigration and exceptional ethnic diversity, including Germans, Irishmen and Belgians, as well as people from other beer-centered nations, the brewing industry in Brooklyn was one of the most productive in the entire United States in the 19th century.

Brooklyn Brewery in New York City

A Visit to the Brooklyn Brewery in New York City, NY

Visiting the Brooklyn Brewery is an absolute must-do activity for any beer enthusiast. Located on 79 North 11th Street, between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street, the Brooklyn Brewery is a major attraction in this part of Williamsburg and Brooklyn, a great place to cool down during a hot summer’s afternoon, a fun venue to meet up with friends.

The tasting room is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while from Monday through Thursday, you can take tours of the brewery. Our Brooklyn Brewery visit took place on a busy Saturday evening, which is arguably the most popular time of the week to visit this fun brewery.

There is no entrance fee. Beer tokens cost $5 each, or $20 for five. This is a no-frills brewery, its tasting room minimally decorated, the building basically an old restored warehouse. It’s definitely focused on efficacy and functionality, which, in my opinion, adds greatly to its charm.

They have about a dozen beers on tap. My personal favorite during our visit (in mid-August 2016) was the Sorachi Ace, so I’d definitely recommend that you try that one.

Check the website of the Brooklyn Brewery for much more information about its history, tours and brews on tap or for sale. You can also follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page and check out their photos on Instagram.

Brewery Ratings

Beer: 7.5/10

Setting: 8.5/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Facilities: 7.5/10

Service: 8/10

Total: 39.5/50


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