American Craft Breweries: Champion Brewing Company, Charlottesville, VA

After visiting about thirty American craft breweries all over the East Coast, from Maine to Virginia, I figured I might as well start a new blog series.

It’s quite probable that this new series is going to be an endless one (yay!). The number of craft breweries in the United States rises basically every week, a trend I can only applaud, support and be excited about. Let’s kick off with the brewery that I’ve frequented most in the past several months: Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia - American Craft Breweries
Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia

Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville, VA

Located on 6th Street in the heart of Charlottesville, a quick stroll from the Downtown Mall, Champion Brewing Company happens to be two blocks from our apartment. Hence, the reason why we’ve spent a lot of quality time there recently. I would even dare to say that the convenient location of this brewery is why I’m having such a blast living in Charlottesville.

This brewery is quite young, established in 2012, but already serves up an interesting variety of craft beers. And it continues to release new brews on a regular basis.

A small craft brewery, Champion Brewing Company produces beer in its 30-barrel brewhouse, which is clearly visible from the Belmont Bridge in Charlottesville. At the time of writing this post (August 2016), its capacity is approximately 10,000 barrels per year. Later this year, the brewery will open an additional branch, a brewpub in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Champion’s taphouse is a welcoming and increasingly popular place to go for a drink in Charlottesville. Its inside seating area has a bar-like atmosphere, while it’s outdoor terrace is filled with wooden benches and partially covered by a tent. This is probably the closest you can get to an actual bar in Charlottesville, as, because of some weird Virginia law that forbids the sale of alcohol without also offering food, there are essentially no “real bars” in Virginia. Champion Brewing Company circumvents that peculiar law with food trucks on the street.

In addition to pints at the taphouse, there are also cans of various styles of beer for sale. My personal favorite Champion Brewing Company beers at the moment are the Missile IPA and the Black Me Stout.

The brewery is open seven days a week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days, while the Wednesdays’ pub run also attracts a lot of (active) people.

For more information about new beer releases, events and other goodies, check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Brewery Ratings

Beer: 8.5/10

Setting: 7.5/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Facilities: 7.5/10

Service: 9/10

Total: 41.5/50


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