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Exploring Culture and Science in Houston, Texas

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Although the actual phrase was, “Houston, we’ve had a problem here,” this quote is what comes to most people’s minds when thinking about Houston, Texas. As the most populous city in the Lone Star State and the United States’ fourth most populous city overall, Houston is a cosmopolitan destination. Few people realize how packed it is with great restaurants, amazing shops, wonderful hotels, and superb nightlife.

Houston has much more than culture and science, but those two things should make up a big part of your plans when visiting the city. It’s one of America’s most scientific cities, and it’s well worth exploring if you’re into that. Even if you aren’t, the following attractions in Houston will manage grab your attention and keep you fascinated.

Image by vagueonthehow via

Image via Flickr by vagueonthehow

Culture: Houston’s Museum District

With more than 7 million visitors each year, the Museum District in Houston is one of the most visited cultural destinations in the United States. It consists of no fewer than 19 institutions, 11 of which are always free to visit.

Picking which museum you should visit depends entirely on your personal interests. If you like art, visit the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Menil Collection, or the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. People who are more into culture will find the Houston Museum of African American Culture and the Czech Cultural Center Houston to be most interesting.

Houston also has a wide variety of other museums and institutions. They range from the Holocaust Museum Houston to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the Houston Zoo to the Health Museum, which is the most visited health museum in the nation.

It’s quite obvious that the Museum District in Houston has enough to offer to keep you occupied for days on end. It’s one of the city’s main drawcards.

Science: Space Center Houston

“Houston” was the very first word ever spoken from the moon. How cool is that?

That is, of course, because Houston is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the location of the Mission Control Center. The official visitor center of the Johnson Space Center is Space Center Houston.

The only Smithsonian-affiliated institution in the Houston area, this is effectively Houston’s premier tourist attraction. This world-class facility offers visitors the chance to explore space from their location on earth. Its exhibits include everything from space artifacts and collections of moon rocks to the world’s only space shuttle replica mounted on a carrier aircraft.

Space Center Houston occupies eight stories and is one of the best space exploration and cosmology museums on earth. It offers a unique insight into NASA’s groundbreaking innovations and achievements and a rare peek into the era of space shuttles.

With the Museum District and Space Center Houston as its two main tourist attractions, Houston is one of the best destinations in North America for science buffs and culture lovers. After admiring art or exploring the cosmos, don’t forget to kick back with some great food as well.

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