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Historic Westport Point in 20 Pictures

Historic Westport Point is not necessarily on a lot of people’s travel radar, but it’s surely a great little place to spend a few warm summer days.

Please join me on a photographic tour of the harbor, houses and streets.

Westport Point Historic District

Shoreline of Westport Point, Massachusetts.
Shoreline of Westport Point

Historic house in Westport Point, Massachusetts.
The streets are lined with these beautiful historic houses
Westport Point, Massachusetts.
Flowers and stone walls are typical features of the streetscapes
Houses of historic Westport Point.
The houses of historic Westport Point seen from a nearby bridge
Street and houses in Westport, MA.
Cozy street and quaint wooden houses
Harbor of Westport Point, MA.
The tiny harbor of Westport Point during ‘blue hour’
Shells from Horseneck Beach, Massachusetts.
Shells and crabs can be found on nearby Horseneck Beach
Westport Point house, Massachusetts.
On both sides of the street you can see gorgeous houses like this one…
House in Westport Point, Massachusetts.
…and this one
Sunset in historic Westport Point.
A warm sunset seen from one of the backyards
Houses in Westport Point, Massachusetts.
Wouldn’t you love to spend a few days in one of those waterfront houses?
Sunset in Westport, Massachusetts.
Amazingly colorful sunset, captured from one of the wooden piers
Historic Westport Point, Massachusetts.
Westport Point is without a doubt a picturesque little place
Sunset in Westport Point.
Walking out on a pier just before the sun has set is the perfect way to end a day

Great Panoramic Views

View of the Westport Point waterfront.
View of the Westport Point waterfront
Westport Point buildings.
Quaint street full of nice buildings in historic Westport Point
Sunset in Westport Point harbor.
A sunset panorama of the harbor
Main street in Westport Point.
Another view of the main street in Westport Point
Panoramic view of Westport Point, Massachusetts.
The best view of historic Westport Point is seen from the adjacent bridge across the water
Westport Point harbor sunset.
A golden sunset over Westport Point’s little harbor

You can find more of my photos in my travel photography portfolio.

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6 thoughts on “Historic Westport Point in 20 Pictures

  • Amazing pictures of my hometown! Funny how you visited such a small but beautiful place.

    • Thank you, Amy. We went there because some of our family grew up in Fall River and know the area. It’s definitely one of those places you’d never go to if someone doesn’t tell you about them.

  • Great shots, Westport looks lovely, indeed a great place to relax for a few days. That sunset photo is stunning

    • The sunset photos are my favorites as well, Freya. I’m glad I could give you an impression of what the village looks like.

  • Looks beautiful! I can’t believe I’m from the East Coast and have yet to visit Massachusetts. These little towns look so charming that I have no doubt I would love visiting.

    • The coast of New England is nothing less than spectacular, Jen. If you’re heading this way again in the future, you have to make sure to visit some of these places.

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