My Life Right Now

Hi guys! 

It’s been a while.

It’s been fifteen days to be precise. That must be the longest time without a blog post since I’ve been back from Australia, now almost three years ago. Also three years ago is when I met Caroline in a hostel in the small town of Bunbury, Western Australia.

Fast forward three years and I am living in Vermont.

Life does take unexpected turns sometimes, doesn’t it?

On Monday April 21 of this year I had said goodbye to my friends – my last party at home (for now) was my bachelor party, which honestly was brilliant – and to my family at an Easter party at my grandmother’s house. I was standing at Brussels Airport with my parents, ready, yet a bit nervous, for another adventure. Saying goodbye to my parents was incredibly hard, but I’m sure it was even harder on them. I will see them again soon though.

Caroline and I are getting married on June 21 and we are working out the details of our wedding now. My life is seriously turning into such a great story. I’ve spent nine months in Australia, successfully maintained a long-distance relationship for almost three years, cycled around northern Europe in the meantime, celebrated New Year’ Eve in New York, Paris and Sydney and now I’m going to have a movie-style dream wedding in the woods of Vermont. And – without trying to sound like a toolbag – those things happened only because I made my own decisions and I did what I wanted to do on each and every moment. I truly believe that that is how everyone should live their lives.

Although I’m not really traveling at the moment – and haven’t done so in a while, not counting exploring my Belgian backyard – I still am on a big adventure and it’s an exciting and surprising one. I love my life.

It took me a couple of days to get used to being in Vermont and living with Caroline and her parents again, but now I’m totally comfortable here. I am also ridiculously excited about the prospect of exploring the rest of the United States. I’ve been to five states so far, and there’s so much left for me to see. In fact, there’s definitely too much left for me to see, but better too much than too few, right? I also really like the fact that from now on I will have to divide my time between North America and Europe. One could definitely be in a worse position.

Green Mountains in Vermont.
This is the view I’m waking up to every morning

For now, however, I am spending most of my days in Hanover, New Hampshire, in the library of Dartmouth College, working hard on freelance projects. This and the fact that I haven’t been to a lot of new places recently are the main reasons why there hasn’t been a blog post in such a long time. Besides writing I also spend at least one hour a day in the gym. Some exercise in the evening is definitely necessary when you’re sitting on a chair during the rest of the day.

Once the weather gets better and the scenery turns green, there will be many new and fresh blog posts. I cannot wait to get outside and explore Vermont’s Green Mountains. The Appalachian Trail crosses Vermont and runs through Hanover, the very town I spend my afternoons in and where I am writing this post. Also, Vermont’s Long Trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the US. Needless to say that the hiking is potentially phenomenal. I need to go buy new hiking boots, which I will do at some point this week. Cycling is supposed to be great here as well.

Long story short: I left Belgium a little over two weeks ago, I am now living in rural Vermont, I am spending my days writing and planning a wedding and I am super-excited to go hiking and do outdoorsy stuff.

To conclude this update of a post I would like to let you guys know that I finished my second photography eBook a couple of days ago. It will be available to newsletter subscribers on Saturday. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so over here.

I came to the USA on a K1 visa (aka fiancé visa), but getting those visas requires a lot – a LOT – of patience and paperwork. If you are just visiting and are a European citizen, then you will just need an ESTA. It’s pretty easy to get a visum USA-ESTA online.

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Bram Reusen is a Belgian travel photographer, writer and the founder of Travel. Experience. Live. He now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. From backpacking and adventuring to slow travel and cycling trips, Bram focuses on nature and adventure travel. His passions are hiking in national parks and sampling craft beers.

7 thoughts on “My Life Right Now

  • Congrats on the upcoming wedding Bram! Sounds like you’ve been following a great path & will continue to do so! If you ever get to Chicago let me know and I’ll send ya some tips!

  • “…from now on I will have to divide my time between North America and Europe.” Oh my God, Bram!! Sounds terrible! You HAVE to! haha! Congrats on your success and the wedding. And if I’m back home in Chicago at the time, you, Devlin, and I, will all have to meet up!

    • Haha you’re right, I did make that sound bad, didn’t I? I am actually super excited to fly back and forth between those two continents! Thanks for your comment, Jon. If I’m going to Chicago, I will let both of you guys know. 🙂

  • Congratulations with your upcoming wedding ! So no more posts about Lier for a while 😉 Looking forward to read all about Vermont.

    • Thank you Freya! No there won’t be a lot of posts about Belgium – or Europe for that matter – anymore for a while. I’m excited to start exploring New England right now! 🙂

  • Congratulations Bram! I hope you have a wonderful wedding day and wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

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