North Cape Cycling Adventure – New Route

It’s been a while since I announced my new travel project next spring. High time for some updates, right?!

At first I planned to cycle from Gibraltar in Spain to the North Cape in Norway. That plan has changed by now, mostly because of practical and financial reasons.

Instead of cycling across Europe and using public transport to get to my starting point in Gibraltar and back home from the North Cape, I now am going to cycle to the North Cape and back, thus eliminating transport costs and allowing myself more actual time on my bike.

The money that I will save by not using any other form of transport than my own bicycle will be spend wisely. And by wisely I mean on other travel related things, including visits to some not yet specified places. I don’t know where or when I’m going to go though. Therefore I’m trying not to get ahead of things here, because, as you can see now, I tend to change my mind once in a while.


This route will be slightly shorter than the previous one. The round trip will be approximately 6,500km or 4000 miles. Which still is quite a lot I reckon!

Cycle route to the North Cape and back

Luckily training is going really well so far, I can feel myself getting fitter and fitter every week. It’s an amazing feeling. Last week I also bought a new and custom made touring bike. It will be finished and ready to be picked up in about three weeks. I honestly cannot wait to hit the road on that thing.

I still want to average 100km per day, which means that I will have to spend at least 65 days riding my bike. Which is great! I’m having so much fun preparing already. I like getting in shape, buying equipment and making lists of necessities.

Can’t wait to finally take off!

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