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One Week in Slovenia – Where to Go & What to Do

I’ve said it before—no other country has ever surprised me in a more positive way than Slovenia did last summer. Visiting it was like taking a breath of fresh air after spending a whole day inside.

We spent one week in Slovenia and, based on our experiences, I recommend that you do the same when you travel to Europe next time. That said; to see all the country has to offer, you will need more time than that. One week, however, is enough to hit a few major highlights and get a decent feel of what the country is all about.

A country of historic cities, vast cave systems, spectacular mountain ranges, rolling farmlands and beautiful Adriatic beaches, Slovenia is one of those few countries that have everything you could be looking for in a destination—and it’s all packed into a rather small area.

Because of its small size, Slovenia can be crossed by car in a matter of only a few hours. This means that you could hike in the Julian Alps in the morning, have lunch in Ljubljana around noon and be at the beaches of Slovenian Istria in the early afternoon.

It’s advised to dedicate more time to each specific place, though. Obviously. The following itinerary is for one week in Slovenia, which takes in three main, and varied, destinations in the country.

One Week in Slovenia
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Where to Go If You Only Have One Week in Slovenia

Ljubljana (Two Days)

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana is one of the greatest small cities in Europe. This vibrant capital city is home to no more than 270,000 people, but feels even smaller. Lots of greenery is found in the Old Town, particularly along the Ljubljanica River and around Ljubljana Castle, while there is no lack of historic pastel-colored buildings either.

One Week in Slovenia: Ljubljana
One of many traffic-free streets in the Old Town

Start your week in Slovenia in its capital, wander the entirely pedestrianized Old Town and take your time soaking up the amazing atmosphere.

Restaurant on the Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana
Restaurant on the banks of the Ljubljanica River

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Bohinj (Four Days)

Although (Lake) Bled gets most of the attention, it’s (Lake) Bohinj that, in my opinion, is the place where you want to be. Located only about 25 kilometers (16 miles) to the southwest of Bled, which is bigger and busier, Bohinj offers the best outdoor opportunities, mountain views and scenery. Its location in the Julian Alps influences the weather—it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful when it’s clear, rather disappointing when it’s misty.

Church of St. John the Baptist, Bohinj
Picturesque Church of St. John the Baptist

Nevertheless, Bohinj is where you want to base yourself—consider Hotel Tripič—if you want to partake in outdoor activities, which may range from kayaking and fishing to hiking, cycling and skiing. Located partially in Triglav National Park, Bohinj is easily one of the most spectacular destinations in Slovenia.

In winter, too, it’s a great place to go. This is because of the Vogel Ski Resort, situated atop a sheer 1,000-meter-high (3,250-foot) plateau above Lake Bohinj. It’s one of Slovenia’s premier ski resorts.

Highlights of Bohinj: Savica Waterfall, Bohinj
Savica Waterfall

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Piran (One Day)

After four days of outdoor fun in Bohinj, it’s time to relax in one of Slovenia’s prettiest coastal towns. The drive from Bohinj to Piran is no longer than a couple of hours, but the scenery couldn’t change more dramatically. Piran, situated in Slovenian Istria, which is the place to soak up the Adriatic sun in Slovenia, is a small town that’s prettier than you’ll ever expect.

Tartini Square, Piran, Slovenia
Gorgeous Tartini Square

The small town center is centered around Tartini Square, a gorgeous square lined with colorful buildings and perched on a very narrow peninsula that juts out into the Adriatic Sea. Piran is the absolute perfect place to visit—stay at Hotel Piran—after six days of sightseeing and exploring, a town where you can eat amazing food and enjoy a spectacular sunset, at the same time.

Colorful waterfront in Piran, Slovenia
Colorful waterfront in Piran

Further reading: Piran – A Pretty Stop on the Adriatic Coast

For more information about visiting Slovenia, take a look at Slovenian Tourist Board website.

Have you ever visited Slovenia? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “One Week in Slovenia – Where to Go & What to Do

  • I was in Slovenia 1 month ago. We were on a cruise ship. Firstly I did not expect much as I did not heard of this country before. We rented a guide using who took us to Ljubljana & Lake Bled. I must say I completely fallen in love with this country. I want to visit it again in near future! Very good article!

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