Georgia – A Country of Wine and Churches

I’ve been wanting to write this post since the moment I saw the photos of Georgia, the country, that (my wife) Caroline took during her 10-day visit in September.

She was in Georgia to attend and speak at a conference for wedding stylists and photographers, which is related to her blog, Belles & Bubbles. During that conference, she and the other attendees and vendors headed out on a few trip to explore the gorgeous countryside of eastern and northern Georgia.

I’m writing this post solely to show the wonderful photos that she took there and to put a spotlight on (some of) the things that this unknown, yet absolutely fascinating, country has to offer.

12 Photos of Georgia, the Country

I have to say that I didn’t and still don’t know a whole lot about that ancient country on the crossroads between cultures. Situated in the Caucasus, Georgia is set in between Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The only thing I know about the country—I did some brief research prior to and during Caroline’s visit—is that it’s very old, home to a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites and boasting amazing natural scenery. But what it most remarkable about Georgia is that this is the place where wine was first produced about 8,000 years ago.

Alaverdi Monastery, photos of Georgia
Alaverdi Monastery
Hiking trail in the Caucasus Mountains, photos of Georgia
Hiking trail in the Caucasus Mountains
Winery in Kakheti, Georgia
Vineyard in Kakheti
Ikalto Monastery, Georgia
The beautiful Ikalto Monastery
Kakheti winery in Georgia
Winery in Georgia’s Kakheti region
Peaceful lake in Georgia
Peaceful lake backed by the Caucasus Mountains

The Kakheti region in eastern Georgia is home to the world’s oldest wine region and was, coincidentally, also the place of Caroline’s conference. Knowing this, you might want to think twice when visiting the liquor store, picking up a bottle of wine, reading a label that says it’s Georgian wine and putting it back. When it comes to wine making, the people of Georgia know what they’re doing.

Alaverdi Monastery in Georgia
Alaverdi Monastery
Kakheti wine region, Georgia
Kakheti wine valley
Photos of Georgia: Caucasus Mountains in Georgia
The breathtaking Caucasus Mountains
Grapes in Georgia
Bucket of freshly picked grapes
Sheep and sheepdog in Georgia
Sheep and sheepdog in rural Georgia
Stepantsminda in Khevi, Georgia
Stepantsminda in Khevi, with the majestic Caucasus Mountains in the background

For the record, I, myself, have never had the chance to visit Georgia, but after hearing about Caroline’s experiences and impression, I cannot wait to go there.

Have you ever been to Georgia? What did you think?

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