Guest Posts

An Itinerary for 3 Days in Dubrovnik at The Huffington Post.
Top 5 Things to Do in Šibenik, Croatia
at Chasing the Donkey.
10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Belgium: Belfries
at Wonderful Wanderings.
The Ultimate New England Road Trip
at Yonderbound.
Snapshots From a 10,000-kilometer Bike Ride at The Planet D.
15 Photographs That Show Why You Should Travel to Belgium
 at Many Many Adventures.
Lessons Learned while Cycling to the North Cape
 at Tom’s Bike Trip.
What Inspires Me to Travel
 at Travel on Inspiration.
How to Find a Job in Australia at Travel Writer.

Some Freelance Articles

A Two-Day Layover in Iceland: Here’s What You Should Do! at Iceland Buddy.
How to Keep Bears Away
at The Adventure Junkies.
5 Belgian Towns That Are Well-Worth Visiting
at Europe Up Close.
12 Destinations to Complete Your Scandinavian Experience at Tripzilla.
Top Outdoor Activities on the U.S. Virgin Islands
. At My NaTour.
Experience Fall in Vermont and New Hampshire
. At Travel Thru History.
Traveling Across Norway in 15 Photos
 at Strong Whispers.

Mentions and Reviews

Expedia Blogger Picks: Hotels in US National Parks, Contributing blogger, at Expedia’s Hotel Edit.
Top 100 Travel Blogs. Featured blogger, at The Smartlad.
Top 100 Outdoor Blogs
. Featured blogger, at The Smartlad.
Top 30 US & Canada Travel Blogs
. Featured blogger, at Asher Ferguson.
The Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands
. Contributing blogger, at Wandertooth.
Travelers Choice for Best Hiking Trails in the America
. Contributing blogger, at Live Dream Discover.
Top 10 Instagram Photos of Virginia’s Blue Ridge in 2016
. Featured photographer, at Visit Roanoke.
Top Soloman Travel Blogs of 2016
. Featured blogger, at Hello Travel.
17 Things to do in Belfast
. Contributing blogger, at GoEuro.
My Favorite Shots From Shenandoah National Park
. Featured travel photographer at Master Phototour.
Best Adventure Travel Blogs to Follow in 2016
. Featured travel blogger, at CreditDonkey.
Top Adventure Travel Bloggers You Must Follow in 2016
. Featured travel blogger, at Healthlisted.
Top 150 Travel Blogs 2016
. Featured travel blog, at Start of Happiness.
13 Sensational Travel Photos From 2015
. Featured travel photographer, at Holiday Lettings.
10 Photography Travel Bloggers to Inspire You this Year
. Featured photographer, at FlipKey.
100+ Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2015
. Featured travel blogger, at First Site Guide.
Best Tool to Have on You in an Emergency Situation
. Contributor, at Best Multitool Kit.
55 Travel Selfies From Around The World
. Featured photo, at eTramping.
Sunday Snapshot, River Corrib, Galway Bay
. Featured photo, at A Cruising Couple.
Top Travel Bloggers 2013 Carbon Footprint
. Featured blogger, at Travel on Inspiration.
Travel Your Way Photo Competition
. ‘Travel by air’ Category winner, at Rhinocarhire.
Suzy Stumbles Over Travel: Week of March 25, 2013
. Featured blog post, at Suzy Guese.
Liebster Blog Award
. Nominated for a Liebster Award, at Globetrotting Chillers.
Taking My Bow: The Liebster Award
. Nominated for a Liebster Award, at Dream Explore Wander.
Just What Are the Liebster Blog Awards?
 Nominated for a Liebster Award, at Travel on Inspiration.
Most Romantic Places in Europe
. Featured blog post, at Solitary Wanderer.
Travel. Experience. Live. – Blog Review. Blog review, at Travel on Inspiration.
Carnival Of Europe – October. Featured blog post, at Dream Euro Trip.


Calling from… Virginia. At This Must Be Belgium.
Traveler Interview: Bram Reusen
. At Jets Like Taxis.
Interview With an Avid Backpacker
. At RoamRight.
Interview on Finding Adventure Anywhere
. At HotelsCheap.
Meet Bram Reusen of
. At Best Multi Tool Kit.
Interview with Bram Reusen
. At KarolinaPatryk.
Living and Working in Australia
. At VDAB Magezine (Dutch).
Random Traveller Interview #100
. At No Place To Be.

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