Slovenian Food – 7 Dishes That You Have to Try

Nothing defines a culture like food does.

So, whenever I travel, I always try to sample local food. Local dishes reflect local society and even history. The ingredients that are used in traditional dishes are intertwined with the history of a certain culture or country like nothing else.

This is why, when we were in Slovenia last summer, I made it my mission to try at least one local dish for every day we were there. This brought my grand total to 7.

In this new blog post, I wanted to feature those seven Slovenian dishes—Slovenian food that I recommend you try as well, when you visit this relatively unknown, but amazing small Southeastern European nation.

Slovenian Food – 7 Recommendations

Steak with Truffles

Slovenian Food: Steak with truffles, Piran

Truffles are a much-used ingredient in Istria, the coastal region that extends between Slovenia and northern Croatia. This quaint region is home to extensive old oak forests, which happen to be the perfect habitat for truffles. As it is rather difficult to find good truffles—dogs are specifically trained to find truffles that are buried deep in between the oaks’ roots—they tend to be quite pricey. It’s absolutely worth splurging on a dish that contains truffles, though. They taste unlike any other mushroom that you’ve ever tasted.

Place to eat this: Hotel Piran in Piran on the beautiful Istrian coast.

Grilled Trout

Slovenian Food: Grilled trout, Bohinj

Home to many a beautiful lake and countless rivers and mountain streams, Slovenia is a country where fish is often found on menus. The ultimate fish to try in Slovenia is river trout. After a day of outdoor fun, make sure to order a whole grilled trout with some mashed potatoes on the side. If you’re going to have any traditional Slovenian food, let it be grilled trout.

Place to eat this: Hotel Tripič in Bohinska Bistrica

Veal Stew with Lard and Buckwheat Mush

Slovenian Food: Veal stew with buckwheat mush and lard

As a historically rural country with a significant agricultural background, Slovenia loves its stews. There are many different types of stews, their ingredients ranging from vegetables to all types of meats and even actual intestines. I had this fantastic veal stew with lard and the typical complementary buckwheat mush before heading out for a hike in the Julian Alps in Triglav National Park.

Place to eat this: Chalet Merjasec at the Vogel Ski Center, Bohinj

Grilled Cheese

Slovenian Food: Grilled cheese, Bohinj

Slovenian grilled cheese is nothing like what Americans refer to as grilled cheese. This is an actual chunk of cheese that is grilled until it’s hot and a bit crispy—somehow it doesn’t melt. Served with a healthy portion of grilled vegetables, this makes for a fine and filling meal after a day of sightseeing.

Place to eat this: Hotel Tripič in Bohinjska Bistrica

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Pork, Cheese and Potato Wedges

Slovenian Food: Pork, cheese, gravy and potato wedges

This may not be a dish typical for Slovenia, but I did eat it there and it was delicious. Before or after a hike in the mountains of Triglav National Park, there is no better way to fuel up or replenish your body than with a well-filled plate of pork cutlets with cheese, gravy and potato wedges.

Place to eat this: Gostilna Pri Hrvatu in Srednja Vas, Bohinj

Cheese Dumplings

Slovenian Food: Cheese dumplings, Bohinj

Another typical Slovenian food is cheese dumplings. These dumplings contain cottage cheese and are sometimes sprinkled with a little bit of sugar to give it a somewhat sweet taste. Served with sour cream, this is another hearty Slovenian dish—excellent to fill your stomach after an active day of sightseeing.

Place to eat this: Hotel Tripič in Bohinjska Bistrica

Prekmurian Layer Cake

Slovenian Food: Prekmurian layer cake

The Prekmurian layer cake, called gibanica in Slovenian, is a typical Slovenian dessert that contains different layers. This hearty dessert contains nuts, raisins, seeds and ricotta and should only be ordered if you have some place left in your stomach after the main course—it’s spectacularly good, but rather filling!

Place to eat this: Hotel Tripič in Bohinjska Bistrica

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I would like to thank the Slovenian Tourist Board for helping us visit Slovenia, and express my gratitude toward Hotel Piran, Hotel Tripič, Chalet Merjasec and Gostilna Pri Hrvatu for their immense hospitality.

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