Snapshots of a Bike Ride

Yesterday was the hottest day in weeks and I decided to go for a bike ride.

Sometimes I have weird ideas.

A bike ride in Vermont.
Tucker Hill Road, Thetford Center

I had to pick up a few of my travel photos in Hanover, New Hampshire, and figured that biking there would be a nice way to spend the afternoon. As you may or may not know, I live in Thetford, Vermont, nowadays. I go to Hanover several times a week. I go there during the day to work in a café, in the library or in the wonderful bookstore. Sometimes Caroline and I go out for dinner, drinks and a movie. It’s a wonderful drive and I’ve always thought that there are several places on the way that would look good in a photo. When you’re driving, however, it’s impossible to take pictures and in many places it’s also impossible to pull over.

Hence, the bike ride.

When I was cycling to the North Cape – I’m still working on that book by the way – I found out that cycling allows you to take pretty good pictures. The great advantage of riding a bike is that you can stop whenever and wherever you want. I kind of missed that. So, yesterday I jumped on a bike again and went off to shoot some photos and to pick up some photos.

I can tell you now that traveling that same route by car and by bicycle is a completely different experience. It’s hilly. It involves a lot of climbing. The views are better, because there’s so much more time to enjoy them. You can actually smell the air of the countryside. Wind feels fantastic when you’re sweaty. Water tastes amazing when you’re thirsty. The sun burns.

When I got back, I was totally exhausted. It ended up being a 40-mile (65-kilometer) roundtrip which took me more than five hours to complete. It was wonderful.

A 40-mile bike loop.
A 40-mile loop

I dare to say that there’s nothing as rewarding as a bike ride through the country on a sunny afternoon.

The whole point of my bike ride was to shoot some pictures. So, I’d like to share several of them with you guys. I like to do these kinds of posts every once in a while to give you an impression of where I’m living. Earlier on I did a few posts like this on the area in Belgium where I grew up – in winter, in the fall and in spring.

This post is to show you where I’ve been spending my days the past four months, since moving to the US.

Snapshots of a Bike Ride

Old barn in Post Mills, Thetford.
Old barn in Post Mills, Thetford.
Community garden in Thetford Center, Vermont.
Community garden in Thetford Center
The Ompompanoosuc River, Vermont.
The Ompompanoosuc River
Thetford Center Covered Bridge, Vermont.
Thetford Center Covered Bridge
Stone wall in Thetford, Vermont.
Stone walls are typical for the region
Farmhouse in Union Village, Thetford.
Farmhouse in Union Village, Thetford
Barn with solar panels.
Old barn with solar panels
Typical red wooden house, Vermont.
A typical red wooden house
Connecticut River in Norwich, Vermont.
Adirondack chairs overlooking the Connecticut River, Norwich
Farm on Union Village Road.
A beautiful farm on Union Village Road
Mailbox on Union Village Road, Vermont.
I never noticed this mailbox from the car
Mountains in Vermont.
Pretty views all the way
A typical New England church in Union Village.
A typical New England church
Union Village Covered Bridge.
Union Village Covered Bridge
View from Union Village Dam, Vermont.
Amazing view from the Union Village Dam

A second reason why I went on this short bike ride was to prove that you don’t have to go far to see new things and do fun stuff. It’s entirely possible to have your own little adventures close to home.

These kinds of adventures are called microadventures and they’re awesome.

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  • One of the bluest sky, greenest hills I’ve seen not to mention the red barn and the brick buildings. They look great with that blue and green background. I can also smell the fresh air just by looking at the photos.

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