Snapshots of Our New Neighborhood

We’ve been living in Charlottesville, Virginia, for exactly three weeks now.

While we’ve been rather busy organizing our apartment, taking care of formalities such as internet, driver’s licenses and health insurance, and getting some work done in the meantime, we’ve also found some time to explore our new neighborhood a little bit and even hit a few of the bars and restaurants on and around the Downtown Mall.

We now live in the Belmont area just to the southeast of Charlotteville’s historic Downtown Mall, which is literally a ten-minute walk away. The name of our new home base is completely coincidental, but also rather funny, us being from Belgium and Vermont.

Anyways, this post is nothing more than an opportunity to give you guys an impression of where we are now—a collection of snapshots taking during a couple of exploratory walks around downtown Charlottesville.

As you can see, spring’s been in full swing over here and it’s absolutely beautiful. Blossoming trees line every street, while tulips, daffodils and hyacinths pop out of the ground in many gardens. It’s wonderful.

I haven’t been to any of the major historic sites in the city—UVA and Monticello—since we moved, so there aren’t any photos of them in this post. I promise I’ll head over in the upcoming weeks.

Some Snapshots of Charlottesville

Beautiful brick house in Charlottesville, Virginia

Snapshots of Charlottesville: Blossoming trees, Charlottesville

Hinton Ave, Charlottesville

Historic Downtown Mall, Charlottesville

Spring blossoms in Charlottesville, Virginia

Stone house in Charlottesville, Virginia

Street in Charlottesville, Virginia

There, hopefully these snapshots of Charlottesville will give you guys a better idea of where we live now. Isn’t it just beautiful?

I’ll be exploring much more of this great historic city in the following weeks and months, so definitely stay tuned.

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