Sneak Peek at Our Summer & Fall Plans

Caroline and I spent pretty much all weekend figuring out what exactly it is that we’re going to do in terms of traveling in the second half of this year. As I’ve already said in the monthly newsletter that went out yesterday, we’ve come up with a relatively solid travel plan—the outlines have been drawn; all that’s left for us to do now is fill in a few blanks in between.

Upcoming Travels

First off, we’re visiting New York City this weekend. We booked a nice apartment in the heart of Brooklyn, a borough that, after three visits to the City, we haven’t really explored yet. So, naturally, we’re very excited about that—and about the fact that we’ll be able to see the 4th of July fireworks from a Brooklyn point of view, backed by the iconic Manhattan skyline.

Summer and Fall Plans: New York City
Skyline of Lower Manhattan, New York City

So that’s that.

Summer & Fall Plans

Then, at the end of August, we’re flying to Europe for a well-filled journey through the Old Continent. Obviously, we’ll be visiting friends and family—one of my friends gets married in the beginning of October and my sister is presenting her doctorate study at the end of the month, two things I wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

First, though, we’ll be heading to the Mediterranean. To the Adriatic Sea, to be more specific. The Adriatic Sea, if you don’t know, is the narrow sea between the east coast of Italy and the Balkans, essentially a sea arm of the Mediterranean Sea. We will pick up a car (or a Vespa!) and drive around pretty much the entire sea. We’ll spend two weeks doing this trip of 1,250+ miles (2,000+ kilometers). There are, however, an incredible number of sights to see and places to visit on that coast and we’ll have to make some tough decisions on what to skip.

The trip will start with picking up our vehicle in Venice, Italy, and take in, in this order, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, the Italian east coast, San Marino and, again, Venice. We decided to select no more than ten destinations en-route where we’ll spend one to three days, in an attempt to not cram in too many places in too short a period.

The following are the particular destinations I had in mind—I’m usually the one who picks specific destinations while Caroline’s the one who chooses the activities we’ll do.

Places I Want to See

Skocjan Caves, Slovenia (1 day)

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia (1 day)
Zadar, Croatia (1 day)
Dubrovnik, Croatia (2 days)

Mostar, Bosnia (1 day)

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (2 days)

Alberobello, Italy (1 day)
San Marino, (Italy) (1 day)
Ravenna, Italy (1 day)
Venice, Italy (3 days)

This well-filled itinerary would include world-class UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks, ancient cities, beautiful beaches, and six countries. It’s subject to change, though. It’s still almost two months before we leave.

Afterwards, we’ll make our way to Provence in France, possibly stopping in Milan to take a look around the World Expo 2015. In Provence, we’ll spend another few days enjoying the scent of lavender and the taste of local wines, before taking a high-speed train north to Belgium.

Summer and Falls Plans: Old Market Square in Leuven, Belgium
Bikes and bars at the Old Market Square in Leuven, Belgium

We’ll spend some time in Belgium catching up with family and friends before heading to Spain for three weeks. There, we’ll hike a section of the Camino Francés, the most popular of Camino de Santiago routes.

More on that later…

As things look now, we’ll hit at least nine countries: Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, San Marino, France and Spain.

Keep an eye on the blog, as there will be much more detailed updates on our plans, destinations and routes in the near future.

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