The Louvre…

… is a busy place!

I was bored on a rainy afternoon a few days ago and I decided to watch some videos I made. I stumbled upon this one, which I had totally forgotten about. I started thinking about my time in Paris, almost exactly a year ago now. Good times for sure!

A visit to the Musée du Louvre was an absolute highlight. It’s massive. And that’s an understatement. We stayed there an entire afternoon and I think we only saw 20% of the museum. It’s possible to walk around for a week and still see new stuff. All the famous sculptures and paintings can be seen in one day though. If you hurry up!

I looked up some old photos of our visit as well…

The Louvre at night, Paris, France.
The Louvre at night.

Fountains and glass pyramid at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.
Famous fountains and glass pyramid.
Gallery in Louvre, Paris.
Gallery in the Louvre.
Gardens in Paris, France.
Gardens next to the museum.
Gallery of statues in Musée du Louvre, Paris.
Gallery of statues.
The pyramid seen from inside the Louvre in Paris.
The pyramid seen from inside the Louvre.
A square at the Louvre in Paris, France.
A square at the Louvre.
Venus of Milo in Paris.
Venus of Milo.
One of hundreds of galleries in the Louvre Museum, Paris.
One of hundreds of galleries.
Hall of statues in the Louvre.
Hall of statues.
Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, France.
Mona Lisa madness…
The pyramid seen through a window in the Louvre, Paris.
The pyramid seen through a window.
Ancient sculptures and paintings in the Louvre.
Ancient sculptures and paintings.
A 'bench' in the Louvre...
A ‘bench’ in the Louvre…

I’d recommed that you get there early. And by early I mean at least an hour before it opens. And even then, be prepared to queue for a while!

There's always a queue...
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