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Top 10 Travel Photography Blogs

As a travel blogger, I like to take pictures every once in a while. Photography has become a serious hobby of mine over the past couple of years. Pretty much everywhere I go, I drag a camera along. Although I think my travel photography has improved a lot since I first started traveling – you should see my first pictures, it’s embarrassing – I still have so much to learn.

I watch YouTube presentations by travel photographers and read books on photography, but the people who inspire and motivate me most are fellow travel photography bloggers.

10. A Backpacker’s Life

Ryan Grayson is a thirty-something hiker from Indiana. I have been following him for a long, long time now. He writes about his hiking experiences on his blog A Backpacker’s Life and is a talented landscape photographer.

Travel photography blogs: A Backpacker's Life

9. Treksplorer

Unlike many other travel bloggers Ryan O’Rourke is not a full-time traveler. Instead he writes about minimalist travel and meticulous travel planning. His blog Treksplorer is aimed at other adventurous people who have families and permanent jobs. His blog posts are often detailed and accompanied by excellent travel photos.

Travel photography blogs: Treksplorer

8. Canvas of Light

Daniel Nahabedian is one of the very best travel photographers out there. He is a professional freelance photographer, and a photography instructor and teacher. He blogs about his travels and shares his photography on Canvas of Light.

Travel photography blogs: Canvas of Light

7. Stuck in Customs

Trey Ratcliff may just be the most prolific and well-known travel photographer on the Internet. He has more than 7.7 million followers on Google+, making him one of the most-followed people on that particular platform. His profile has a dazzling 21 billion (!) views. His photography is world-class – the first HDR picture ever to be displayed in the Smithsonian was taken by him. Don’t believe me? Check out his blog Stuck in Customs to see what I’m talking about.

Travel photography blogs: Stuck in Customs

6. Brendan’s Adventures

A travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada, Brendan van Son has been traveling the world for three years straight. His writings and photographs have appeared in several print travel magazines and e-zines. He blogs about his travels on Brendan’s Adventures and publishes his own travel magazine, Vagabundo Magazine.

Travel photography bloggers: Brendan's Adventures

5. Expert Vagabond

When it comes to combining adventure travel and photography, not a lot of people are better than Matthew Karsten, the Expert Vagabond. His hitchhiking trip across the United States was covered exceptionally on his blog, as are his other adventures. He’s pretty good with a GoPro, too. Though, the main reason I regularly check his blog is his photography.

Travel photography bloggers: Expert Vagabond

4. Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt is a multiple-award-winning travel photographer who specializes in UNESCO World Heritages Sites. He didn’t know anything about photography when he started traveling in 2007. Several years of trial and error later, Everything Everywhere is one of the world’s leading blogs (Top 25 Blogs in the world by Time Magazine in 2010).

Travel photography blogs: Everything Everywhere

3. Finding the Universe

Laurence and Vera are the people behind Finding the Universe, one of my favorite travel blogs. Besides writing great stories, they also happen to be extremely talented photographers. If you like to see some great travel photos, check out their Facebook page, too. It’s superior.

Travel photography blogs: Finding the Universe

2. Ken Kaminesky

Nature and landscape photographer Ken Kaminesky has been traveling the world and shooting pictures for more than ten years. He works for stock photography agencies and other clients from all over the world. Additionally, he also runs travel photography workshops. Take a look at his blog for some seriously fabulous photos.

Travel photography blogs: Ken Kaminesky

1. The Planet D

Dave and Deb from The Planet D are the sole reason why Ken Kaminesky isn’t number one on this list. They are, in my opinion, also the only people who can beat Expert Vagabond at the adventure travel thing. They’re not so much just travel bloggers as travel journalists. They work with major travel brands and regularly appear on TV and I think their travel photography and videography is nothing less than superb.

Travel photography blogs: The Planet D

Earlier this week Dave and Deb received an award for best travel blog and won the gold medal for best photo illustration of travel. Gary Arndt won silver.

Do you agree with this list? Are there any other travel photographers or bloggers that you recommend following?

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