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Urban Belgium in 50 Photos

From rural Vermont to (sub)urban Belgium…

I’ve been in Belgium for a week now and it’s been a busy one. Catching up with friends and family, while staying on top of work is proving to be quite hard.

I’d also planned to take some time to go and make a photo series of the town I grew up in—something I haven’t done for the blog yet—but so far, there hasn’t been time to do that. Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze that in between family visits, time hanging out with friends and meeting work deadlines.

For now, I’d like to share a bunch of my favorite/best pictures of (sub)urban Belgium. These, I have to admit, are all pictures that are more than a year old—some are even two to three years old. They still look great, though, so I hope you enjoy them!


50 Photos of Urban Belgium

 1. Historic Buildings at the Graslei in Ghent

Historic Graslei in Medieval Ghent, Belgium

 2. Belfry and Town Hall in Lier

Belfry in Lier, Belgium

 3. Stone Houses in Durbuy

Stone Houses in Durbuy, Belgium

4. Old Motorbike at the Béguinage in Lier

Motorbike against a Beguine's House in Lier, Belgium

5. St. Rumbold’s Cathedral Dominates the Town Square in Mechelen

St. Rumbold's Cathedral, Mechelen, Belgium

6. The University Library in Leuven

University Library in Leuven, Belgium

7. Grand-Place in Brussels

Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium

8. Bookstore in Rédu, the Town of Books

Bookstore in Rédu, Belgium

9. Zimmer Tower With Its Astronomical Clock, Lier

Zimmer Tower with its astronomical clock, Lier, Belgium

10. Castle Betho in Tongeren is Actually a Square Farm

Castle Betho, Tongeren, Belgium

Further reading: Abbey Ruins of Villers-la-Ville

11. Gravensteen Castle in Ghent, One of Belgium’s Iconic Strongholds

Gravensteen Castle, Ghent, Belgium

12. Bars and Restaurants on Muntstraat, Leuven

Muntstraat in Leuven, Belgium

13. Gorgeous Historic Buildings in Lier

Canal in Lier, Belgium

14. Lace, Chocolate and Beer in Antwerp

Lace, Chocolates and Beer, Antwerp, Belgium

15. The Belfry in Namur

Belfry in Namur, Belgium

16. Cobblestones and an Old Bicycle in Aalst

Old Bicycle in Aalst, Belgium

17. Row Houses Along the Meuse River, Bouillon

Bouillon Town Center, Belgium

18. The Cathedral of Our Lady Overlooks the Antwerp Town Square

Town Square of Antwerp, Belgium

19. Beautiful Waterfront in the City Center of Lier

City Center of Lier, Belgium

20. Cobbled Street and Stone Houses, Durbuy

Cobbled Street in Durbuy, Belgium

Further reading: Brussels: Historic and Hip, Bureaucratic and Bizarre

21. The Imposing St. Carolus Borromeus Church in Antwerp

St. Carolus Borromeus Church, Antwerp, Belgium

22. St. Rumbold’s Cathedral in Mechelen

St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen, Belgium

23. Stunning Architecture in Ghent

Graslei in Ghent, Belgium

24. Street in the Grand Béguinage of Leuven

Grand Beguinage in Leuven, Belgium

25. Sign Above a Soap Shop in Rédu

Soap shop sign in Rédu, Belgium

26. Old Water Pump in the Béguinage of Lier

Water pump in the béguinage in Lier, Belgium

27. The Belfry in Aalst is a Striking Building

Belfry and Town Hall in Aalst, urban Belgium

28. Sitting Statue in Durbuy

Sitting Statue in Durbuy, Belgium

29. Central Station in Antwerp, the Railway Cathedral

Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium

30. Beautiful Row Houses in Various Architectural Styles, Lier

Architecture in the city center of Lier, urban Belgium

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31. The Citadel of Bouillon Protects the Town and the Meuse River

Citadel in Bouillon, Belgium

32. Typical Café in Antwerp

Brown café in Antwerp, Belgium

33. Gorgeous Guild Halls at the Grand-Place, Brussels

Guild Halls at the Grand Place in Brussels, urban Belgium

34. Narrow Stone Street in Durbuy

Cobbled Street in Durbuy, urban Belgium

35. The Gothic Town Hall of Leuven at the Great Market Square

Town Hall at the Great Market Square, Leuven, urban Belgium

36. Het Steen, a Castle on the Banks of the Scheldt River, Antwerp

Het Steen in Antwerp, Belgium

37. Cozy Street in the Béguinage in Lier

Béguinage in Lier, Belgium

38. People Cycling and Walking Past the Town Hall in Mechelen

Town Hall in Mechelen, Belgium

39. Royal Galleries St. Hubert, Brussels

Royal Galleries Saint Hubert in Brussels, Belgium

40. Stunning Medieval Architecture in Antwerp

Market Square in Antwerp, Belgium

Further reading: What to See in Leuven, Belgium

41. Bars at the Old Market Square, Leuven

Bars at the Old Market Square in Leuven, urban Belgium

42. The Nete River Flows Through the Heart of Lier

Nete River in Lier, Belgium

43. Taverns in Historic Antwerp

Taverns in Antwerp, urban Belgium

44. Old Church in Tongeren

Beguinage Church in Tongeren


45. Citadel and Church in Dinant

Citadel of Dinant

46. Medieval Cloth Hall, Ypres

Cloth Hall, Ypres

47. The Impressive Belfry in Bruges

Belfry in Bruges, Belgium

48. Row Houses at the Ypres Town Square

Beautiful houses on Ypres' town square

49. Houses Along the Meuse River, Dinant

Meuse River in Dinant

50. Statue of Jan van Eyck in Bruges

Jan van Eyck Statue in Bruges, Belgium

Interested in even more photos? Visit my travel photography portfolio!

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