Video: Snowshoeing Across Lake Fairlee

Our last hike was in October.

That’s three months ago.

So, when I cracked open my sleep-sealed eyes last Saturday morning and saw a sunny blue sky dotted with a few cotton ball clouds, I decided that I should get my lazy butt out of the door again.

I went snowshoeing. As I happen to live in rural Vermont, I really don’t need to go very far before I’m in the woods or near a lake. Seriously though, it takes no more than thirty steps.

I snowshoed across Lake Fairlee, which lies just down the road or, in my case, just down the woods. Instead of taking my camera along, this time I took my GoPro HERO3+.

Needless to say that I had an absolute blast.

One of my goals for 2015 was to spend 90 minutes outside per day on average. Going snowshoeing for a few hours is an excellent way to raise that average. The winters in Vermont and New England in general can lock you inside for days on end, so days like last Saturday are total bliss.

Snowshoeing Across Lake Fairlee

(If you’re reading this via email, you can see the video by clicking here.)

When making my way across Lake Fairlee, I once again realized how much I actually enjoy being outdoors.

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