Winter in Vermont – A Photo Essay

Fall was beautiful, but winter in Vermont is turning out to be quite a great season as well.

It’s the heart of winter now, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring. In fact, even when the fall foliage attracted huge crowds of leaf-peepers, I was already looking forward to winter and the snowy landscapes that come with it. Photo opportunities are virtually endless all year round over here. It’s fantastic.

In summer, I had a great time photographing the lush green mountains and the rivers that cut across beautiful building-dotted valleys. Fall was overwhelmingly stunning; no more words needed there.

Now, in winter, the landscapes are covered in thick blankets of snow; icicles hang from the roofs of houses and covered bridges; and smoke puffs out of chimneys. In the evening, cozy fireplaces and reading lights shine through windows and sparkle on the dark mountainsides. During the day, people bundle up and head out on snowshoes or skis. Frozen lakes can be crossed on foot and offer fun ice-fishing opportunities, while plow trucks clear the roads after yet another heavy snowfall.

It’s a magical time of year.

25 Photos of Winter in Vermont

You can find more of my photos in my travel photography portfolio.

14 thoughts on “Winter in Vermont – A Photo Essay

  • beautiful photos! Snow has a fairy tale and a pragmatic side.Unfortunately in Boston we’re experiencing the latter one right now!

  • Bram, As usual your photos are stunning. Gorgeous winter!

  • That is incredibly beautiful. I love all the red. The big red barn, the red door. And I love the way the light hits the trees in the sunset snowscape shot, a reminder of how glorious it is in Vermont in autumn.

  • What is it about covered bridges that fascinates us? They are just so classic and conjure up some imaginative scenes in our minds eye. Your photos are lovely. We recently moved to the east coast and we are hoping to soon explore the north eastern states, the last part of the country we haven’t yet visited. Not sure I want to take it on in the winter though, I think fall will be spectacular!

    • You should definitely head up here if you can. But I agree, winter, although quite pretty, is not the best time to visit. Summer and especially fall are gorgeous. If you need some tips on what to see or do, shoot me an email!

  • Beautiful photos! I’ve always been terrifies of crossing frozen lakes on foot though these look they like could probably hold you 😀

    • Megan, yep, the ice was more than two feet thick. People were out on the ice on trucks and jeeps. So cool!

  • Snow doesn’t happen much in the Canary Islands, but I love it when it hits the top of neighbouring Tenerife’s Teide. Making Spain’s highest mountain resemble Mount Fuji. Your photos make me feel homesick, although, in truth, the snow doesn’t settle for long in the UK.

  • Fabulous images of Vermont, there is something special about unspoilt snow and that comes through in this photos. I´ve not had the opportunity to visit this area yet but would love to someday

    • Thanks so much, Molly. You should definitely try to visit Vermont (and New England) at some point of you can. It’s gorgeous. Especially summer and fall are spectacular seasons.

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