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Nicknamed the City of Light, Paris is engraved in people’s minds as a destination of romance, cuisine and architecture. The French capital has enlightened the world with its fabulous art, revolutionary ideas and groundbreaking inventions. Because there is so much world heritage in Paris, it truly is one of the world’s great cities.

This, of course, also means that there’s a lot happening in Paris on any given day, at every moment of the day. It is a busy city, like all other Western metropolises characterized by hurried businesspeople, lost tourists and relaxing locals. Especially the rush and hastiness of daily Parisian life is something many tourists don’t expect, having imagined a city of the typical French “joy de vivre”, long lunches and “je sais quoi”-mentality. Be prepared for this—Paris is no less crowded than New York City or London, two other major world capitals.

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UNESCO World Heritage in Paris: Banks of the Seine
Banks of the Seine, Paris

Discovering World Heritage in Paris

If you arrive with realistic expectations and proper preparations, you’ll have an absolute blast in Paris. The main tourist area in Paris is the banks of the Seine, which is the only place that has been designated World Heritage in Paris. The reason for this is that the banks of the Seine encompasses virtually all major landmarks in the city. Focusing on this area, you’ll be able to enjoy World Heritage in Paris and see those world-famous buildings you only knew from photos before.

To be honest; all those landmarks are worthy of UNESCO World Heritage designation themselves. It’s just that the Seine River has played such a pivotal role in the development of Paris and that all landmarks are located in a relatively small area. The banks of the Seine is World Heritage in Paris between Pont du Sully and Pont d’Iéna, which is the downstream section of the river in the city. This area was an important aristocratic district in Paris’ history, a fact clearly proven by the wealth of imposing architecture and monumental buildings that are found there.

The banks of the Seine, World Heritage in Paris, encompasses every major building from the Louvre to the Place de la Concorde and from the Cathedral de Notre-Dame to the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower. It’s arguably the UNESCO World Heritage Site with the greatest density of major historic buildings in the world.

The designation of World Heritage by UNESCO generally reflects a site’s—whether it’s a structure, landscape, city or something else entirely—historical, cultural, geological and/or natural significance. I recommend focusing on these types of sites when visiting new destinations. And in the French capital, the World Heritage in Paris is especially world-class.

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