Deep Thoughts on Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging

I’ve been thinking. When I started my first blog, back in 2010, it used to be just a blog. It was a platform that allowed me to share my thoughts and experiences with friends and family. That’s what most blogs are in the first place. I didn’t have a schedule; except for a personal Facebook profile, I didn’t have any other social media accounts; and blogging certainly didn’t require much of my time. I wrote when … Continue reading

An Updated Travel Wish List

Mount Mansfield Summit, Vermont.

When I came home from Australia in the summer of 2011, my head was filled with all these new travel ideas. I even wrote down a list of the ten things that I wanted to do at some point in my life. By now I have checked a couple things off that list and although this list still applies, my priorities have shifted a little bit. For example, I still want to travel from Moscow … Continue reading

Hiking Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire

Fall foliage in the White Mountains.

The first weekend of fall was spectacular here in New England. Temperatures rose to an incredible 80°F (27°C) and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Fall foliage was peaking (and still is) and New Hampshire’s White Mountains were pretty much overrun with so-called leaf-peepers. We, of course, were there as well. It would’ve been a shame to pass up weather like that.

10 Breathtaking Places in Asia That Remain (Mostly) Uncovered

Bagan, Myanmar

Finding beautiful locations in Asia not yet trodden heavily by tourists is a difficult challenge. I’m in a ‘list mood’ lately; the list below consists of ten breathtaking places in Asia that are still off-the-beaten-path. Go soon before they get more attention. Sumatra, Indonesia This location may not seem to fit the tag of ‘uncovered paradise’ anymore, but it actually remains one; or some of it does. You will see dozens of tourists in some … Continue reading