I.N.O.X. – The Outdoor Watch

I.NO.X. - The Outdoor Watch

You know how I love my Swiss Army knife? I’ve mentioned it in a few previous blog posts  and it is the one thing that I always – literally always – carry with me whenever I’m on the road, hiking or biking. It proves useful at the most unexpected moments, which is exactly what it’s made for. Now, the company that makes those Swiss Army knives, Victorinox, is celebrating its 130th birthday with a brand … Continue reading

Paris in 20 Photos

River Seine in Paris, France

After I did my last post on New York City, I got the idea for a new blog series. Although I’m not exactly traveling very much at the moment, rather writing about travel, I still have a bunch of stuff – photos that is – to share. You may have noticed that there haven’t been as many blog posts as there used to be; that’s because I’m now putting the finishing touches on my first … Continue reading

New York City in 20 Photos

View of the Manhattan skyline

I figured it was time for another photo essay. And I may as well do one on one of my favorite cities in the world: New York City. After two visits to the City that Never Sleeps in half a year, I have seen all major highlights and attractions in the city. Plus some minor ones, which are definitely fun as well. New York City was where Caroline and I spent New Year’s Eve last year, and a … Continue reading

Pictures of Bram Around the World

Bram at the Summit of Mount Mansfield, Vermont

Occasionally I take a picture of myself. I do that not because I’m a self-obsessed narcissist, but because it’s just one of my many ways to document my life and the places that I visit. I was taking selfies in Australia more than four years ago, before the word was even invented. While I was cycling last year, for example, I took more than a hundred selfies. (I even made a video.) By occasionally snapping a … Continue reading

12 Awesome Treks and Hikes

12 Awesome Treks and Hikes Infographic

It’s no secret that I love me a good hike. With a new focus on the outdoors and active travels, I figured that this infographic is absolutely worth sharing – it’s probably the best infographic I’ve seen so far, or at least the one that appealed to me the most. I love how there is a video, an actual infographic and the opportunity to download the whole thing.