Snapshots of a Bike Ride

Yesterday was the hottest day in weeks and I decided to go for a bike ride.

Sometimes I have weird ideas.

A bike ride in Vermont.

Tucker Hill Road, Thetford Center

I had to pick up a few of my travel photos in Hanover, New Hampshire, and figured that biking there would be a nice way to spend the afternoon. As you may or may not know, I live in Thetford, Vermont, nowadays. I go to Hanover several times a week. I go there during the day to work in a café, in the library or in the wonderful bookstore. Sometimes Caroline and I go out for dinner, drinks and a movie. It’s a wonderful drive and I’ve always thought that there are several places on the way that would look good in a photo. When you’re driving, however, it’s impossible to take pictures and in many places it’s also impossible to pull over.

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Camping on the Maine Coast – Acadia National Park

We had some driving to do.

Before packing up and leaving our campsite in New Harbor, we prepared a pretty great pancake-and-maple-syrup breakfast. The night before we’d enjoyed a hot-dog-and-Budweiser dinner; this was clearly turning into an all-American road trip. I loved it.

It’s a three-hour coastal drive from New Harbor to Bar Harbor. The small town of Bar Harbor would be our base for the next three days and three nights. It’s located on Mount Desert Island, the island’s liveliest tourist center. Bar Harbor’s stunning backdrop, Frenchmen’s Bay, was what attracted wealthy American families to the area in the 19th century. We’re talking people like the Vanderbilts (who also had mansions in Newport, Rhode Island), the Rockefellers and the Astors. The previously simple fishing village, home to lobstermen and shipbuilders, would never be the same again. It expanded into a playground for the rich and eventually became a famous tourist destination.

Seafood restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Seafood restaurant in downtown Bar Harbor

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