Salem: Colonists, Museums and History

Custom House in Salem, Massachusetts.

We spent last weekend in Salem and Portsmouth, two beautiful coastal towns located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire respectively. While we had already spent a day in Portsmouth earlier this year, before we got married, neither of us had ever been to Salem. The name Salem may sound familiar to you. You may have heard about the 17th-century witch trials the town is so (in)famous for. Either way, chances are that you don’t know what … Continue reading

Hiking Mount Mansfield, Vermont

View from the summit of Mount Mansfield, Vermont.

Climbing Mount Mansfield is definitely one of the better hikes we’ve done in Vermont so far.Mount Mansfield is located in Smuggler’s Notch State Park near the town of Stowe, famous for its winter sports facilities. Rising up to 4,393 feet (1,339 meters), it is the tallest mountain in Vermont. According to Wikipedia, Mount Mansfield is one of only three places in the state where alpine tundra from the Ice Ages still survives. It is both an … Continue reading

Top 10 Travel Photography Blogs

Travel photography blogs: Canvas of Light

As a travel blogger, I like to take pictures every once in a while. Photography has become a serious hobby of mine over the past couple of years. Pretty much everywhere I go, I drag a camera along. Although I think my travel photography has improved a lot since I first started traveling – you should see my first pictures, it’s embarrassing – I still have so much to learn. I watch YouTube presentations by … Continue reading

Top 5 Adrenalin Pumping Luxury Safari Experiences

Cottars Walk in Zambia.

Africa is the home of extreme sports and experiences. This vast continent is made for thrill seekers – a luxury safari in itself can be incredibly exciting as you walk and drive among the giants of the animal world, often getting very close to rhino, lion, buffalo and elephant. Africa has everything from mountains to rivers and lakes and these areas are of course havens for those wanting to do something extraordinary whilst on safari. … Continue reading

Hiking Champlain Mountain, Maine

Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park.

Champlain Mountain in Acadia National Park can be climbed along several hiking trails. We picked the shortest one. That shortest trail, the Precipice Trail, also happened to be the steepest trail in the entire national park. It is a part of the east face of Champlain Mountain and is less than a mile (1.6 kilometers) long. However, in that short distance it climbs more than 1,000 vertical feet (300 meters). The trail is so steep … Continue reading