Enchanting Ireland – A Photo Essay

Ireland. The island of legends and leprechauns, of ruined castles and abandoned abbeys, of trad music and pubs, of clovers and St. Patrick.

There can be no denying that Ireland is an enchanting country. That is why many people from all over the world dress up in green and drink Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day. It is why millions of people claim to be “Irish” even though they were born and have grown up in another country, even without ever having set foot on Irish soil, solely based on where their ancestors came from.

Caroline and I spent three months in Ireland a few years ago—our first serious adventure together. We weren’t there primarily to travel, but rather to find work and stay in one place. However, the employment climate was far from ideal back then and we ended up traveling all over the country, chasing work, not finding any, and eventually having to leave.

While we definitely could have dedicated those three months in a more efficient way—we did all we could at the time, though—we did get a solid overview of what the Emerald Isle is all about. So, no complaints. And moreover, that experience thought us much about how hard it is to live without having a job during an economic crisis and having to rely on already-not-so-large savings.

Also, we did get to spend three months in Ireland, which is something, we realize, that many people can only dream about. During, and after, our time in Ireland, I wrote a number of blog posts, the best of which are listed below:

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In this post, I would like to share a selection of my favorite Ireland photos, pictures that were taken all over the country.

Enchanting Ireland Photo Essay
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Enjoy. Be inspired. Plan a trip!

36 Enchanting Ireland Photos

The Burren, Ireland
The Burren is one of the most desolate region in all of Ireland
Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland photos
Temple Bar is Dublin’s most popular nightlife district
St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny
Spectacular St. Canice’s Cathedral is dedicated to Kilkenny patron saint
Skelling Ring, Ireland
Skelling Ring, a detour on the Ring of Kerry
Abbey ruins in Ireland
An abandoned abbey in the middle of green fields, Ireland at its most iconic
Ross Errilly Friary, Connemara, Ireland
Ruins of Ross Errilly Friary in Connemara
Rock of Cashel, Ireland
Rock of Cashel, the greatest collection of medieval buildings in Ireland
River Nore in Kilkenny, Ireland
The peaceful River Nore bisects Kilkenny
River Liffey, Dublin
A sunny day along the River Liffey, Dublin
River Corrib in Galway, Ireland
Low tide at the River Corrib in Galway
Poulnabrone Dolmen, the Burren, Ireland
Poulnabrone Dolmen, a highlight in the Burren
Peat bogs, Connemara, Ireland
Peat bogs in Connemara
St. Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny, Ireland photos
St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of many religious buildings in Kilkenny
Skellig Islands, Ireland
View of the Skellig Islands from the Kerry Cliffs
Narrow road in Connemara, Ireland
A scenic road in Connemara leads down to a beautiful small lake
Mussels and stout, Ireland
Irish fare: mussels, bread and stout
Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, Ireland
A magnificent structure in the heart of Connemara: Kylemore Abbey
Coast in Kerry, Ireland
A beach of sand and rocks in County Kerry
Killary Harbour, Connemara, Ireland
Killary Harbour, Connemara, is said to be the only fjord in Ireland (not true!)
Kilkenny Pubs, Ireland
Pubs in Kilkenny
Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kilkenny Castle, a formidable stronghold
Wildflowers on the Ring of Kerry, Ireland
Wildflowers on the superb Ring of Kerry in southwestern Ireland
Houses in Kilkenny, Ireland
Colorful row of houses in Kilkenny
Golden Vale, County Tipperary, Ireland
Golden Vale, County Tipperary
St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, Ireland
St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, a major landmark in Cork
Waterfront in Galway, Ireland
The beautiful waterfront in Galway
Gaelic crosses at the Rock of Cashel, Ireland
Gaelic crosses at the Rock of Cashel
Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland
Four Courts on the banks of the River Liffey, Dublin
Misty road in Connemara, Ireland
A misty road in remote Connemara
Dunguaire Castle, Ireland
Dunguaire Castle, one of Ireland’s most well-known castles
Coast of County Kerry, Ireland
The coast of County Kerry is one of the most spectacular in the country
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
The Cliffs of Moher, the most visited natural attraction in Ireland
Bulmers and Guinness, Ireland
Bulmers and Guinness, no words needed
Ballycarbery Castle, Ireland
The ivy-covered ruins of Ballycarbery Castle, Ring of Kerry
Athassel Priory, Ireland
Athassel Priory is Ireland’s largest medieval priory
Sunset in Tipperary, Ireland
Gorgeous sunset in the fields of Tipperay

Interested in visiting Ireland? Head over to Ireland.com for more information that you can handle.

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2 thoughts on “Enchanting Ireland – A Photo Essay

  • Thanks for the lovely pictures. My first visit to Ireland was last summer, but a 6 or 8 hour tour off of a cruise ship is only a glimpse of what a country is.
    It is almost impossible to sit in the city or a desert and understand the feelings, the smells and breezes, and sounds of any other place in the world without actually being there.
    Your pictures are a first step in making people think “I should visit that place”.

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