25 Covered Bridges of Vermont – Part 2

Yesterday, I finished one of my main goals for 2015!

After more than a year of driving around, occasionally getting lost, stumbling upon gorgeous little towns and traveling over the mountains and through the valleys of rural Vermont, I have now seen and photographed all 103 covered bridges in Vermont.

That number is based on this list provided by Vermont Living, which actually states that there are 107 covered bridges in Vermont. However, that includes the four bridges that span the Connecticut River, a river that is technically located in New Hampshire.

Half a year ago, I did a half-way post featuring my 25 favorite covered bridges in Vermont up until then.

Now, I would like to continue with another selection of 25 bridges; bridges that I photographed between January and August, 2015.

25 Extra Covered Bridges in Vermont

Chiselville Covered Bridge, Arlington, Vermont
Chiselville Bridge, Arlington
Hutchins Covered Bridge, Montgomery, Vermont
Hutchins Bridge, Montgomery
Hall Bridge, Rockingham, Vermont
Hall Bridge, Rockingham
River Road Bridge, Troy, Covered Bridges in Vermont
River Road Bridge, Troy
Fisher Railroad Bridge, Wolcott, Covere Bridges in Vermont
Fisher Railroad Bridge, Wolcott
East Fairfield Bridge, Fairfield, Covered Bridges in Vermont
East Fairfield Bridge, Fairfield
Foster Bridge, Cabot, Covered Bridges in Vermont
Foster Bridge, Cabot
Henry Covered Bridge, Bennington
Henry Bridge, Bennington

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Shoreham Railroad Bridge, Whiting
Shoreham Railroad Bridge, Whiting
Orton/Martin Bridge, Marshfield, Covered Bridges in Vermont
Orton/Martin Bridge, Marshfield
Fuller Bridge, Montgomery, Vermont
Fuller Bridge, Montgomery
Red Bridge, Morristown, Vermont
Red Bridge, Morristown
Green River Bridge, Guilford, Vermont
Green River Bridge, Guilford
Comstock Bridge, Montgomery, Covered Bridges in Vermont
Comstock Bridge, Montgomery
Gold Brook Bridge, Stowe, Vermont
Gold Brook Bridge, Stowe

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Hopkins Bridge, Enosburg, Vermont
Hopkins Bridge, Enosburg
Titcomb Bridge, Perkinsville, Vermont
Titcomb Bridge, Perkinsville
Salisbury Station Bridge, Salisbury, Covered Bridges in Vermont
Salisbury Station Bridge, Salisbury
High Moving Farm Bridge, Wilmington, Vermont
High Moving Farm Bridge, Wilmington
Greenbanks Hollow Bridge, Danville, Vermont
Greenbanks Hollow Bridge, Danville
Orne Bridge, Irasburg, Vermont
Orne Bridge, Irasburg
West Dummerston Bridge, Dummerston
West Dummerston Bridge, Dummerston
Coburn Bridge, East Montpelier, Vermont
Coburn Bridge, East Montpelier
Pulp Mill Bridge, Weybridge, Covered Bridges in Vermont
Pulp Mill Bridge, Weybridge
Scribner Bridge, Johnson, Covered Bridges in Vermont
Scribner Bridge, Johnson

Now that I’ve finished this incredibly fun year-long photo tour of Vermont, my aim is to create a calendar, post cards and possibly even a photo book. That’s a project without a set deadline, though—probably something that I will work on on long and dark winter evenings later this year.

As usual, you can find more of my travel photos in my travel photography portfolio.

Is there any particular covered bridge in Vermont that you like best? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “25 Covered Bridges of Vermont – Part 2

  • The Chiselville Covered bridge is actually in the town on Sunderland. Arlington also has a covered bridge located in West Arlington.

  • Very impressive…..but…you didn’t get them all. There is one along a public backroad in Chelsea that have never made any of the Vermont covered bridge lists and/or books. Almost photographing them all is still pretty good. 🙂

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