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Hadrian’s Wall Path in Pictures – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

I learned three important things last week:

  1. When you go on a multiple day hike, ALWAYS take an extra pair of shoelaces with you. I didn’t and both of my shoelaces broke before I even was halfway.
  2. NEVER take a train in England. They are incredibly expensive!
  3. Getting soaked is not that bad when you know there’s a hot shower, a meal and a pint waiting for you in a pub.

Taking pictures is one of the things I really love, so I took loads again! Yesterday’s photo was a little preview; here are several more. The first two days were very rainy, windy and wet, so I don’t have a lot of photos of that part of the walk. No worries though, the best (and by far the most strenuous) part was on the third and the fourth day.

Monday: wet, wetter, wettest

First mile of the Hadrian's Wall Path along the Tyne River
Skyline of Newcastle, EnglandBridges in Newcastle, England

Tuesday: floods, fields and sore legs

English countryside and English weatherFloodings on the Hadrian's Wall PathNorthern English countrysideFloodings on Hadrian's Wall PathOld church in the middle of a field, northern England

Wednesday: sun, spectacular views and ruins

Hadrian's WallStone wall, puddles and fields in northern EnglandTypical northern English landscapeTypical northern English landscape, Hadrian's Wall PathTypical northern English landscapeWalking among cows on the Hadrian's Wall Path, EnglandStunning view on the Hadrian's Wall Path in EnglandStunning views on the Hadrian's Wall Path in EnglandStunning view on the Hadrian's Wall Path in EnglandHousesteads Roman Fort near Hadrian's WallBroken arch at Milecastle 37 on Hadrian's WallSycamore tree (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves tree) on Hadrian's WallMilcastle 39 on Hadrian's WallSteel Rigg on Hadrian's WallGreat view on the Hadrian's Wall PathTwice Brewed Inn, near the Hadrian's Wall Path

Thursday, Friday and Saturday —>

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3 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall Path in Pictures – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • An incredible hike…and you’re right…it’s a lot easier to bear some things when you know there’s a pint waiting at the end:)

  • You have really captured the English countryside in your images Bram. Crazy weather, rolling hills and cosy pubs.

    I remember my parents always telling me there was a hot chocolate waiting for me at the end of a walk.

    Once they lied and told me there was a cafe at the top of Ben Nevis, I spent the whole hike, being just 7 at the time, dreaming about hot chocolate and marshmallows.

    Obvs I was less than pleased when reaching the summit and realising there was nothing but snow!!

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