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Hiking the Faulkner Trail, Vermont

Let’s start this post with a little game:

Woodstock seen from the Faulkner Trail, Vermont
Spot the covered bridge!

Ever since my fun snowshoe across Lake Fairlee two weeks ago, I’ve been anxious to get outside again. Unfortunately the winter weather doesn’t always allow that. (I’m writing this while a snowstorm is dumping several inches of snow all around me.)

Last Sunday, however, definitely honored its name. Sunshine galore, there wasn’t a cloud to be detected in the sky and the temperature was only slightly below freezing. Caroline and I decided to take advantage of that to hit the trails again.

We went to Woodstock, one of the prettiest towns in all of Vermont.

View of Woodstock from Mount Tom
View of Woodstock from Mount Tom

Hiking the Faulkner Trail in Woodstock, Vermont

The Faulkner Trail starts in pleasant Faulkner Park, which is located across the covered bridge just outside the town center. The trail leads up the southern flank of Mount Tom, a hill that’s really not worthy of the name ‘mount’. Mount Tom is 1,240 feet (378 meters) high and rises up behind Woodstock. Its summit offers superb views of the town below and the surrounding mountains; even the covered bridge is visible.

Caroline getting a head start on the Faulkner Trail
Caroline getting a head start on the trail

Caroline and I brought our snowshoes and ski poles, but we ended up not needing them. Although the trail was covered with snow and ice, it was entirely possible to hike up wearing just normal boots. The entire trail consists of several switchbacks and is a downright easy hike. Only the last 100 yards are pretty steep and, in winter, require crampons. We made our way up and down holding on to the handrail, occasionally feeling our feet slip away.

Boulders on the Faulkner Trail, Woodstock, Vermont
Icicles clung to the boulders that lined the trail

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A groomed loop that’s also used by cross-country skiers circles the top, offering magical 360-degree views of the surrounding snow-covered landscapes.

View from Mount Tom
Enjoying the wintry landscapes
Summit of Mount Tom, Woodstock
At Mount Tom’s summit

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View of Woodstock from Mount Tom
Fantastic view of the town
Bram at the summit of Mount Tom
Still enjoying the views…

The Faulkner Trail throws no challenge at you at all, except maybe for the short last section to the summit, but that’s honestly just plain fun. This 3.2-mile round-trip makes for a leisurely walk – particularly great on a sunny Sunday afternoon – and doesn’t take longer than an hour and fifteen minutes.

Our next hike/snowshoe will most likely be in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

Did you find the covered bridge?

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