North Cape Cycling Adventure – Day 58 to 66

Let’s start with a confession.

I haven’t really biked in the past nine days. I had always planned to take a break somewhere in Norway and this was the perfect time. My parents had a holiday as well and drove up to Trondheim to meet me. I myself took a ten-hour train down to Trondheim.

North Cape Cycling Adventure Day 58 to 66

They brought some new supplies, clean and lighter clothes and a replacement part for my rear derailleur, which still wasn’t working properly. My dad and I spent a morning fixing that.

I won’t be discussing our week in a lot of details now, but let me just say that it was wonderful! We really had a great time and pretty good weather too, although finding places to sleep for three people wasn’t always that easy. Especially when there are festivals going on in Trondheim and Bergen and prices are skyrocketing. I’m really glad they came to see me; it was great to have company and people to talk to again. I had been all alone for eight weeks and I think I needed a break like this…

What we have been doing is basically exploring southwestern Norway by car. The region between Trondheim and Bergen to be precise. That’s one of the most beautiful parts of the country, if not the most beautiful, and definitely the most popular, but I would never have gone there on my bicycle. There are just too many ferries that you have to take (and pay for) and literally hundreds of tunnels to cross. It’s extremely mountainous as well, but absolutely breathtaking.

Just take a look at the following pictures! (Caption-less and click-to-enlarge for a change.)

Trondheim, Norway.

Landscape in Norway.

Waterfall in Norway.

Geirangerfjord in Norway.

Bergen Fish Market.

Borglund Stave Church, Norway.

House and mountains in Norway.

Trollstigen, Norway.

Bryggen in Bergen.

My parents dropped me off a little past Oslo on Wednesday. That’s where I started cycling again. I’m on my way to Gothenburg, Sweden, now.

I want to conclude this post with some big news.

There has been quite a big change in my route home. I wasn’t really looking forward to cycling back through Denmark and Germany again, so I started looking at other options a while ago. Aaaaand… Gothenburg is where I’m getting on a cargo ship to England! I have always wanted to cross a sea or ocean on a cargo ship and I thought this was a fantastic opportunity. So here you have it, my way back home will lead through England.

I’m very excited about that by the way!

A reminder: an overview of the posts related to this cycling adventure can be found right here.

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