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North Cape Cycling Adventure – Day 8 to 14

This week I spent only four days on my bike. Between Hamburg and Copenhagen I cycled 368.45km and took a 45-minute ferry across the Baltic Sea. I got soaked on Wednesday, wet on Thursday and drenched on Friday. Although it was a little bit uncomfortable at times, the thought of a shower, a meal and a bed at night made everything totally bearable.

The other three days I used to recover from my knee injury in Hamburg and explore beautiful Copenhagen on the weekend.

Hamburg to Copenhagen on a bicycle.

Day 8 (April 8): Hamburg, Germany


22.56h. I took it very easy today; finally did laundry, bought some fruit and bread, and I cleaned my bike (in my room). I rested a lot. Even though I said it was nice to have the time to explore a new city, I didn’t even go for a proper walk around today. My main focus is on the cycling trip and my knees needed some rest. I found a pretty cheap hotel near the train station. That’s where I’ve been eating for two days. It’s almost like a shopping mall, including an enormous food court. Good and cheap food!

All my stuff in one little room.
All my stuff in one little room.

Tried to plan next week and Denmark looks way more expensive. I might camp out if the weather isn’t too bad.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow. Fingers crossed, hopefully my knees won’t bother me as much anymore. Should be in Denmark in two days.

Day 9 (April 9): Hamburg – Scharbeutz, Germany


18.57h. Kind of long, but good day. I started early-ish this morning in Hamburg at 9.50h. Hamburg was really easy to get out of by bike, I didn’t have to make a single turn in the first 40km. Arrived in Scharbeutz, on the Baltic Sea coast, at 17.20h after 5h50min on the  bike.

Snow and road in northern Germany.
There’s still some snow in northern Germany…

There’s still a twinge in both of my knees, but it’s alright so far. Definitely not as bad as before. It was a nice and sunny day, more cloudy at the end. I think it might start raining tomorrow though. Don’t have internet access today and tomorrow. I’ve been relying on the internet a lot in the past days for weather updates, planning routes and booking places to sleep. Let’s see how this goes now!

A church tower in a small German village.
A church tower in a small German village.

Bought lunch for tomorrow at an Aldi store: 3 euro for quite a lot of food. Perfect. Rødby tomorrow night and I’ll be camping for the first time. Hopefully the rains won’t be too bad. Big tagliatelle and chicken dinner.

Uneventful day today, which is good!

Day 10 (April 10): Scharbeutz, Germany – Rødby, Denmark


20.48h. Rain.

Started at 9.15 this morning, finished at 19.20h. Super long day for some reason. Drizzle/rain all day long. Got absolutely and totally soaked. I got offered a cup of coffee by a retired German guy. Was great to warm up! 0-2°C…

Baltic Sea in Scharbeutz.
Baltic Sea in Scharbeutz.

Crossing the Fehmarn Bridge was a special experience. Weather was so bad, but it felt adventurous.

Fehmarn Bridge, Germany.
Fehmarn Bridge.

I changed into clean and dry clothes in a bus stop before I got onto the ferry to Denmark. No way I was going to get into a restaurant looking the way I looked. Roasted salmon and a salad buffet on the ferry was awesome! I was supposed to camp tonight, but I got a (very expensive) room at the camping instead. Really needed to dry everything. Focused on getting to Puttgarden and that ferry all day long. Tough day.

So glad I don’t have to sleep in a tent right now, it’s still pouring.

Bicycle on the ferry in Puttgarden.
My little truck among the bigger ones, on the ferry.

22.28h. Been busy all night, running around cleaning and drying myself and my clothes. Time to do some reading now!

Day 11 (April 11): Rødby – Præstø, Denmark


18.46h. A grey, quiet, cold, wet and unpleasant day. I rode through mist and fog from early morning till late afternoon. Couldn’t see very far, so no great views of the Danish countryside. There was nothing to do but pedal. Pretty cold sidewinds.

Misty day in Lolland, Denmark.
Misty day on the road in Lolland, Denmark.

I’m cooking soup and noodles for dinner now. This is actually the first time I’ve cooked an evening meal on this trip. Knees start hurting pretty badly again. It’s worrying me. The weekend off in Copenhagen will be great!

20.58h. Just realized how much wildlife I’ve seen so far. Lots of deer and an incredible number of birds. So many waterbirds in Holland and Lolland. But definitely the most memorable was the eagle that came flying next to me when I was cycling over the bridge between Lolland and Sealand in Denmark. What a spectacular animal. I’ve never seen a wild bird that big from so close before.

Day 12 (April 12): Præstø – Copenhagen, Denmark


18.47h. Today was grim and rainy, but very fast on perfect bike paths. It was a really misty and quiet morning, I liked it a lot. No sounds at all, except for some birds and my pedals. It got very, very wet near the end though.

Mist in Sealand, Denmark.
Quiet ride through the mist.
Mist in Denmark.
This was the view I had the entire day…

Fastest day until now, averaging exactly 20km/h. Felt great. Listened to my iPod all day. Noticed this morning that my cycle computer goes crazy near traffic lights sometimes; it says my maximum speed today was 199.99km/h. So kept a certain distance when I had to wait for a green light.

Got a small room in a hotel that supports charities. I liked that a lot. Panini/coffee for lunch and a big burger/beer for dinner!

Didn’t mind the rain at all today, it was a fast and quiet day.

Day 13 (April 13): Copenhagen, Denmark


21.14h. Went out for a few beers last night, but that was so expensive. I spent way too much money and I’ll have to live on a tighter budget the following days.

Bikes in Copenhagen.
A million bikes in Copenhagen.
Bishop Absalon, the founder of Copenhagen, on Højbro Square.
Bishop Absalon, the founder of Copenhagen, on Højbro Square.

I spent the day walking around. There are so many bikes in Copenhagen, it’s unbelievable. I’ve read about it, but it still surprised me. It’s a gorgeous city, fell in love with it straight away. Got goosebumps when I first saw Nyhavn, the prettiest street I have ever seen. I was totally impressed. Had a delicious pancake with a banana and nutella!

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Gorgeous Nyhavn.

Had a cheap all-you-can-eat lunch, which was fantastic after missing breakfast. Thought it was until 11, apparently only until 10.15. That sucked. Will have to eat more fruit tomorrow though. Need my vitamins!

Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The Little Mermaid.

Walked past the Little Mermaid, which honestly is ridiculously disappointing. There are way more exciting things to see in Copenhagen, and yet there were busloads of people and a souvenir stall. A total tourist trap.

Kastellet, Citadel of Copenhagen.
A walk around Kastellet, Copenhagen’s citadel.

Quiet night now, washed some clothes just now, going to edit pictures and do some blogging.

Day 14 (April 14): Copenhagen, Denmark


19.13h. Cultural Sunday. Nice day of wandering around Slotsholmen and visiting Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which was interesting but I expected more, and the Nationalmuseet, which was magnificent. One of the best museums I have ever been to. It has exhibitions about the entire Danish history, covering a couple million of years in extreme details, and a phenomenal display of different peoples of the world. After spending more than three and a half hours in there, I left in awe.

Roman statues in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.
Roman statues in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.
National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A knight slaying a dragon in the Nationalmuseet.

Wanted to buy a couple of souvenirs, but those turned out to be quite expensive. Got to watch my money now, so I might not buy any.

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Christiansborg Palace.

Tomorrow morning I have to go buy a map of Sweden. I forgot that some stores are closed on Sundays… Finally camping tomorrow, in Helsingborg. Excited to finally go to Sweden! Short ride to my fifth country already.

Dinner was a buffet of vegetables, pasta and Asian food. Great. Weather was perfect today, hope it stays that way!

Cleaned the bike properly this morning, it was embarrassingly dirty after those three days of rain.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
Copenhagen is a beauty.

My total distance covered at this point is approximately 1,200km, which is about one third of the distance to the North Cape. Two weeks in, I’m perfectly on target. And that feels great.

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7 thoughts on “North Cape Cycling Adventure – Day 8 to 14

  • Gain: RESPECT!
    I hate being out in the rain. Can’t imagine biking through it for an entire day!

    • It’s not that bad if you know you can take a shower and sleep somewhere warm at night. It’s horrible when you’ve got to spend the night in a tent. I haven’t had to do that yet, and I hope I won’t have to either!

  • Kudos for biking through the rain!

  • All looks amazing and you still seem to be getting some decent photos despite the rain.

    • I didn’t actually take pictures when it was pouring. I won’t risk my camera for that :-). I did take it out and shoot some when it was drizzly or misty though.

  • Hi Bram!

    I’m looking forward to your site and blog “A bike ride to the north cape”

    I did this route ( one way by bike, retour by plane! ) 3 years ago starting in Graz / Austria… I did other “smaller” Trips in the meantime, so i think, i know, what “will happen with you” in the moment…
    Very Great!

    Believe me: i feel with you! Just enjoy what is going on!!!

    And your mission… Super!

    Hav a very nice trip, enjoy live …


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