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Photo Inspiration: Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park may not be the most well-known of the English national parks—for one, it is one of the most remote and least visited—but it is absolutely spectacular.

Situated in the far northeast of England, it comprises a landscape of expansive meadows and undulating hills, bogs and wetlands, forests and ruins. Inarguably the star attraction of Northumberland National Park is Hadrian’s Wall, which effectively used to be the northernmost frontier—one of the very first actual, physical borders between nations—of the Roman Empire. This magnificent wall and its surroundings are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best way to explore this stunning region is by hiking the world-class Hadrian’s Wall Path.

I’ve talked about both the Hadrian’s Wall Path and Northumberland National Park in previous blog posts, so now I would like to dedicate an entire post simply to a collection of my favorite Northumberland National Park photos. All of the following photos were taken during my hike along the Hadrian’s Wall Path.

15 Northumberland National Park Photos

Walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path, Northumberland National Park
Hadrian’s Wall bisects the southern part of Northumberland National Park
Stone wall stretching toward the horizon, Northumberland National Park
Expansive meadows are bordered by stone walls
Housesteads Roman Fort, Northumberland National Park
Ruins of Housesteads Roman Fort
Bogs, meadows and rolling hills, Northumberland National Park
Endless rolling hills
Robin Hood Tree and Hadrian's Wall
Robin Hood Tree and Hadrian’s Wall
A misty morning on the Hadrian's Wall Path, Northumberland National Park
Misty morning in Northumberland National Park
Milecastle along Hadrian’s Wall
Milecastle along Hadrian’s Wall
Breathtaking view along the Wall
Absolutely breathtaking landscape in Northumberland National Park
A challenging section on the Hadrian's Wall Path
Steep hills dominate the landscape in the south of the park
Housesteads Roman Fort
Roman fortress ruins
The Hadrian's Wall Path Runs along the Wall
Clearly visible Hadrian’s Wall Path along the Wall
Typical Northern English countryside
Historic sites, landscapes and countryside, all combined in one amazing national park
Stunning view of Hadrian's Wall
Beautiful view of Hadrian’s Wall
Stone Stairway, Northumberland National Park
Stone stairway in a field of cows
Hiking the Hadrian's Wall Path, Northumberland National Park
The Hadrian’s Wall Path is one of northern Europe’s most spectacular long-distance hikes

If you’re ever looking for a hiking destination in England, this is it. Trust me, Northumberland National Park is absolutely spectacular.

Hopefully, the Northumberland National Park photos in this post have convinced you to visit this remote region in northern England.

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