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Fall in Belgium

In the beginning of this year, when I was training for my cycling adventure, I posted a blog with some photos of where I live. That was the first introduction to my hometown.

I have been home again this fall and took the opportunity to go out for some walks and leisurely bike rides. With my camera, obviously.

Here are twenty photos of the gorgeous countryside that surrounds me now, a fall photo essay if you will.

Belgian countryside in the fall.

Chestnut in the Fall, Belgium

Belgian countryside at sunset.

Mushroom on a log.

Road in the Belgian countryside, Antwerp.

Heather in a nature reserve, Belgium.

Mushrooms on a tree trunk.

Feather Close-up

Sunset in Belgium.

Pears in the Fall.

Marshland in Belgium.

Cornfield during harvest, Belgium.

Corn harvest, Belgium.

Nature reserve De Neerhelst, Belgium.

Mushrooms in the fall.

Canal in Geel, Belgium.

Mushroom on wood, Belgium.

Sunset in a field, Belgium.

Fields in Geel, Belgium.

Moss, a branch and a leaf.

I hope you enjoyed this short series of photos of the Belgian countryside, here in the province of Antwerp.

You may have noticed that there are quite a few close-up photos. That’s because I have been experimenting with aperture settings lately; one of the many steps in becoming a better photographer. Shutter speed is next!

You can find more of my photos in my travel photography portfolio.

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